Careers that make a difference.

Our employees all share the spirit of community and social responsibility. See what they have to say about their work at Community Health Plan of Washington.

Yusuf, Pharmacy        

      Kim, Human Resources

"I started to think about when my children get older. What are they going to think about what dad did? What was his contribution and would they proud of what their dad did? So Director of Pharmacy at Community Health Plan of Washington was a natural transition for me in my career. It gives me an opportunity to contribute in a way that I think my kids will look back, make their own career choices and feel proud of what their dad did."


"I have a really great team. I work in a company that's full of progressive thinkers, creative people, different walks of life and perspectives. It makes for a really interesting day when you're surrounded by people who are all here for the same thing, but yet we all have these different ways of thinking and working. It all seems to come together!"

Matthew, Medicare Operations

      Fran, Pharmacy

"My favorite part of my job is knowing that what I do every day directly affects our population that we serve. I know when I'm doing a good job in providing quality service. Throughout the organization, the members feel that impact."

"I was drawn to Community Health Plan of Washington because of the mission and values that we represent. The focus on providing quality health care and a collaborative effort between providers, and community health care centers, and our members."

Amanda, People Development

Victor, Chief Medical Officer

"I have an opportunity to coach and support people by putting those skills into practice. I love sitting down with people and helping them prepare for a difficult conversation or help them navigate a tricky situation so that all parties come out with a win and it builds relationships. It's really fun!"


"My favorite part of my job is when I actually go into the delivery system and visit our community health centers where I see their care being rendered and also meet with the leadership of the respective community health centers. It provides some practicality to the day to day activities that I have to engage in."